Madrid. A Logistics Worldwide Milestone?

Escrito el 29 diciembre 2008 por Jesus Guerro en General

The Community of Madrid initiated with impulse one of its more ambitious projects. Under MPL’s initials, Madrid Logistic Platform, the regional government tries to become the Spanish Capital the principal dry port of Europe. Among its collaterals to develop the above mentioned project it is found the intense economic activity of Madrid like reflects, 17,4 % of the National GDP, 1,1% Communitarian, 13,8 % of the Spanish production, the destination of 24 % of the imports or the origin of 12 % of the exports. In addition, the configuration of the studding of the roads network provokes that 60 % of the imports and 33 % of the national flows, have as destination or traffic, the province of Madrid.
According to the same sources, the turnover of Logistic Operators in Madrid supposes 54 % of the whole country, though this information does not have to respond necessarily to location reason.
Cause of its Location, the CAM also tries to underline a differentiation factor. The radial infrastructure of mails, both road and railroad, its equidistance with the principal maritim ports of load and the location of the main national airport, are claimed as strong reasons to sustain the project. However, Barajas is still down positioned facing the big European airports of load, ranking at present, the eighth place for volume of manipulation.
Nevertheless and though the platform relies on institutional support of certain public and private agents, its development up to reaching its longing will not be a simple task at all. By the beginning its aims focus on the Coordination and Dialogue of Key Agents, the Promotion of new centres of Formation, International Promotion and Infrastructures Planning as well as the development of the technological components in the sector. We must also remember that ZAL of Zaragoza was born with similar intentions a decade ago and that probably this initiative could enter in conflict with that one.
Maybe it should be firstly considered the restructuring of the railway sector or the improvement of the customs maritime procedures to make real the objectives of intermodality traced on the Communitary Marco Polo Project.
Meanwhile, to strain for promoting Madrid as one of the Biggest World Dry Ports could seem excessive for someone, though the initiative follows its course and we will be very aware about its evolution.


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