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I like Jazz.

I like Jazz.
Jazz is the result of some kind of confluence of different origins where the final result is not simply defined as the addition of the parts.
Jazz is open. It exchanges, fusions, evolves, blooms, creating new streams and trends and spreading in time and variety. Swing, Bebop, Cool, Hard Bop, Free..
Jazz performance can be built from different compositions. Players in number and instrument are not predefined and its interactions and solos can be re-organized during the performance from the team feedback.
Jazz is a players’ art in the sense that, from a written beginning, music evolves in a teamwork expression which can grow bigger than the original.
Recently talking to some friends in the forum (Patxi, Antonio, Javier,) we are getting to Systems theory, and in some way it reminds me Jazz so I am trying to discover some similarities..
The emphasis with systems theory shifts from parts to the organization of parts, recognizing interactions of the parts are not «static» and constant but «dynamic» processes. Conventional closed systems were questioned with the development of open systems perspectives.Systems theory envisions the system as a family of relationships among the members acting as a whole.
As a transdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and multiperspectival domain, the area brings together principles and concepts from ontology, philosophy of science, physics, computer science, biology, and engineering and economics among others. Systems theory thus serves as a bridge for interdisciplinary dialogue between autonomous areas of study as well as within the area of systems science itself. Interesting, isn’t it?
But the point is what all this has to do with Lean Services?
We took off in Lean Services forum two years ago in search of some general rules, formulations, principles, dialogue, experiences…
First thing we made was to start from the beginning, (my beginning, now I see I applied some kind of mecanicist approach), that’s it, to find describe and classify the ultimate parts we foresaw: Value, Service, Customer, Company…and then some interactions and dynamics, like flows, people, evolution, to get to service networks and models for low/high volumes. The latest part was related to trends, macro visions, value networks…in order to get there from lean, we needed to go back for the “classics” and literature where we debated around other tools or disciplines like JIT, 6Sigma, BSC, to get to systems theory as the main stream.
Now, I would like to open a new thread to shake it all a little bit, would you like to join us?