Doha or The Free Trade Illusion

Escrito el 29 diciembre 2008 por Jesus Guerro en General

The Doha Round was initiated on November 2001 in Qatar, just two months after the terrorist atack against the World Trade Center, with the firm intention of minimising the inminent economic and politic crisis which was threatening the new millenium, by encourgaing international trade relations towards the promotion of exportations from in-development and weakest countries.
Majority of these measures should be focused on the Agrarian Productions which were handycaped by Import Taxes and internal grants established in the richest countries.
This Openess to the Free Trade, its real sense and essence, and not just the speculating barbarism hidden behind
its more prolific defenders, has never culminated in spite of the great step that it had supossed for the sustainability of millions and millions of people.
On the contrary every resumption of the Doha Round which counts for twelve during the last seven years has been invaribly closed with the Headline of «Failure».
By the way, it is produced the hypocritical paradox consisting on the fact that the nations which lead the system and which are proud of proclaming theirselves as the creators of The Globalized World by means of its Non Barriers Nature, are those which profane its more beautiful aspiration by proceeding with the hardest protectionism against the products coming from the most disadvantaged countries whose surviving hopeness is based on their capacity to sell out their productions.


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