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The Influencing Engine

We have been speculating the last months about the main reasons for petrol price rising. The most acepted theory was about the growing demand made up in China and India. Others thougth that the agents along the manufacturing and distribution chain were taking advantage of that uncertainty, incrementing their respective margins punishing the final consumer.
We have also discussed in this blog about the Potential of the Stock Exchange Engine to influence significantly the price fluctuation, underlining the fact that only one of each six transcations represented a real transfer of crude.
It´s obvious that demand has not decreased more than a 20% during the last two weeks, so It should be a rigth moment to keep in consideration by the Competent Authorities to recover the accurate control mechanisms to avoid these situations again.
While the European Central Bank suffocates our economy rising the interest rates, the global system is permiting that the authentic manipulators of Inflation run uncontrolled.