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Productivity in Services

In the “Macro Visions. Trends” forum, the initial trend we are debating has to do with Productivity in Services.
We are finding that
There is not a clear general approach to productivity in services as compared with productivity in manufacturing environments.
Given that Productivity= Output/Input, we see that services would require a Quality/qualitative/intangible factor both in input and output not that important I n production environments
Technology adoption as well as other practices like bringing the customer into the process may help to increase output while reducing input.
Different practices could be mapped as those input reducers/increasers and their counterpart in output affecting productivity but we are interested in the medium/long term effect.
Since in services environments it is rather complex to stock a service (for instance a hair cut) output in the formula gets closer to real demand.
In this scenario, we are trying to identify and define some new ¿? KPis which help us to catch the flavours we are describing like “Productivity in time «, «service elasticity» and «productivity sustainability” which could provide productivity ratios with a good business meaning.
We are waiting for your input….