Who is behind the Petrol Price Constant Growth?

Escrito el 7 julio 2008 por Jesus Guerro en General

Yesterday I watched again the wonderful film J.F.K. and reminding the words of the misterious agent performed by Donald Southerland, talking about the shadows behind the Kennedy murder and stablishing some paralelism with what is happening with petrol price last times, we could also ask ourselves: Who is really interested? Who has the power to control it?

When Fuel rises, every agent eats his piece of the cake along the distribution chain. When distributors set their mark-up on relative basis, the higher the adquisition cost, the higher the selling price and then, net profit. Even Government from VAT obtains higher income.
But if we just talk about the raw material, the Crude, whose price is today twice the price it was one year ago, it is easy to conclude or at less, to suspect, that someone is being enriched thanks to this process.
Producers claim they aren`t and they are reluctant to increment production. This is the main reason why TOP Producers and Manufacturers meet together last week in Madrid.
We know that growing demand from China and India has broken the global offer/demand balance,.. but Is It ALL? or Is happening anything else? Is there anyone provoking or assisting the price rise? or taking advantage from China theory?
Something is true, the control over petrol futures operations in USA is lower than ever. Only 1 of each 6 market transactions become a real transfer of goods, the rest are just Paper, a chain of purchases and sales with succulent benefits. Experts afirm that if brent price exceeds 170$, Petrol competitiveness would be in danger. We will see what is gonna happen then. Until reaching that point some people will bet on a safe variable, earning fortunes.
So, the misterious question is..Who is behind??


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