Macro Visions. Trends.

Escrito el 19 julio 2008 por José Luis Fernández en Lean Services

This is the title of the new thread at Lean Services forum.
Main idea is to try to identify trends around the service sector and try to draw different visions which could configure the future scenarios.
Everything is changing, as always, but looks like some factors like internet and its icosahedra impact or globalization or knowledge economy are speeding the change generating transfers, risks and opportunities. Some traditional services are fading away while others are blooming generating new sectors of activity.
Some other trends like the movement towards economies dominated by information services are receiving the impulse of industrialization of services which reminds and applies knowledge generated at the industrial revolution.
Some organizations and individuals are adapting and adopting the changes building competitive advantages and taking positions. New ways of relation are appearing in different ways configuring what we defined like value networks establishing highly dynamic connections and value relations, new ecosystems merge and mute under not yet written rules.
Well this is pretty much the test you can find in any blog today, if you want to bring the difference just join the discussion…


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