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Flu virus moves by plane.


When I see the Photo of virus routing in the article: http://www.elmundo.es/elmundosalud/2008/04/16/biociencia/1208368864.html
It reminds me the routes taken by manufactured products. Being manufactured in the south of Asia they move to the consumers markets in North America and Europe and then to South America and Africa. One of the ideas in the article comes from the meaning of this pattern. It seems that the answer must come from the low travel connectivity between South America and South Asian countries. On the other hand the frequency and connectivity with Europe and North America (and then South America) makes the routes and direction of the propagation more direct and effective.
Looks like there are routes and dynamics similar to those in ocean or wind flows ¿? These routes would work like “macrocarriers” (I think on telecom carriers waves) or “macronetworks”.
Transmission of viruses through these networks would be like the small noise signals transmitted in (telecom) carriers, that is, some kind of waste from the value chain which generates a collateral effect which could, eventually, be used. (Imagine the pharma companies using it for forecasting!! .
But still there is another interesting concept in the article….When trying to answer if the epidemics come from remaining viruses from other season expanded or else new lots coming from the same origin, they conclude that second option’s percentage is much higher.
If I try to find some link as virus-innovation/knoledge there are a lot of questions arising, as:
-Would the innovation behave through similar patterns, existing innovation nodes and propagation networks? (I tend to think on internet and communities links/blogs/consulting firms/companies as being the agents)
– Would this “local” innovation have less possibilities to evolve and expand (even being stronger in a way) than those coming through the defined networks?
As these routes work like some kind of carrier of contents where the goods and people are the signal and the flu is like a non desired “noise”
What effect may generate big changes in the network routing? (And I think on, for instance, changing the manufacturing source from Asia to South America…) Would the origin of flu (or knowledge or innovation) tend to change? Why? In case origins do not change, would the change in carrier routing eliminate or reduce drastically the expansion?
“Flu viruses mute continuously (as knowledge?), this is the mayor threaten for public health as well as a fascinating sample of evolution dynamics”